The link between pancreatic cancer and diabetes

The pancreas is responsible, among other things, for the production of hormones (mainly insulin) that regulate blood glucose levels. Its damage and diseases lead to disorders of glucose metabolism and the development of diabetes. Diabetes mellitus can be both a symptom of pancreatic cancer and the cause of its development. The risk of developing this cancer is 90% higher in diabetics than in the rest of the population. Type 2 diabetes and pancreatic cancer - is there a relationship? Overweight, obesity, hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance developing in diabetes are serious risk factors for many diseases. The likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer depends on BMI and increases with weight gain, while hyperglycemia promotes the development of cancer due to oxidative stress, the production of free radicals damaging DNA. endogenous insulin and administration of exogenous insulin during insulin therapy, however, there are no clear results in this regard. It is known, however, that a certain group of pancreatic cancers (approx. 5%) are neoplasms from the endocrine part, insulin-producing cells, which can cause symptoms of hypoglycaemia. Diabetes is found in up to 40% of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. Especially in people over 50 years of age who have been diagnosed with diabetes, the risk of developing pancreatic cancer is 8 times higher than in people of the same age group who are not diabetics. Early diagnosis and prevention It is recommended to conduct a diagnosis to detect pancreatic cancer, especially in the group patients with newly diagnosed diabetes and normal body weight, and people with worsening of long-term diabetes for unknown reasons. Diabetics should be reminded of the role of pancreatic cancer prophylaxis as it is the easiest way to fight this cancer. The protective measures include: changing the diet and paying more attention to it, physical activity every day, withdrawal from cigarettes and alcohol. Regular checkups and early diagnosis are also important when first possible symptoms of the disease are noticed: back and abdominal pain, severe stomach ulcer, large fluctuations in blood glucose levels despite appropriate treatment, as well as newly diagnosed diabetes without significant risk factors. Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Pancreatic cancer and diabetes, diabetologia portal, [access: May 19, 2017], P .: Interna Szczeklika . Handbook of internal diseases 2015, Krakow, Medycyna Praktyczna 2015. Interview, which appeared in the jubilee issue of the "Diabetes Information Bulletin" with prof. dr hab. Jacek Jassem, Cukrzyca and neoplasms, Polish Diabetes Association website, [accessed: June 22, 2016], n. Med. Maciej Chałubiński, Pancreatic cancer incidence in patients with newly diagnosed diabetes, portal, [access: June 1, 2012], , 120286,8.html.

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