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Boots opening and closing times for August Bank Holiday Monday

The August bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to head to Boots, but only if you know your local store’s opening times.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know if you want to stock up for all your health and beauty needs.

Boots Pharmacy
Check your local Boots opening hours for the bank holiday
Getty Images – Getty

When is Boots open over the bank holiday?

Usually, Boots stores are open from as early as 7am and close between 8pm and 10pm.

Some of the larger stores will have longer opening hours.

Most Boots branches will remain open on Monday, but many will close around 6pm.

Times at each store will vary, though, so it’s a good idea to check your local store’s opening hours in advance.

How can I check if my local Boots pharmacy will be open?

You can find out if and when your local branch is open by using the Store Locator on their website.

Simply type in your postcode and it will be able to tell you the specific opening times for that branch.

You can also see suggestions for alternative stores nearby, should your nearest store be closed.

If your closest Boots pharmacy is located within a shopping centre, it is advisable to check the opening times of the precinct as well.

What bank holidays are remaining in 2019?

Each year sees eight bank holidays in England and Wales.

The next after Monday will be Christmas Day, followed closely by Boxing Day, and then New Year’s.

The UK has fewer bank holidays than most other European countries.

Recent years have seen some people pushing for extra holidays to honour the patron saints days of the constituent countries of the UK.

Why do Scotland and Northern Ireland have more bank holidays?

Scotland has nine bank holidays a year while Northern Ireland has ten.

Those extra days mark events of particular significance in each country’s culture.

In Scotland, January 2 is a bank holiday because of the extra importance of Hogmanay and New Year’s in the country.

St Andrew’s Day is also a public holiday, though has to be taken instead of another bank holiday.

As well as St. Patrick’s Day, Northern Ireland has a bank holiday on July 12 to celebrate the victory of protestant William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne.

Bank or public holidays do not have to be given to employees as paid leave, an employer can decide whether to include bank holidays as part of a worker’s statutory leave.

The Government website has more details on what your worker’s rights are in regards to public holidays.

Bank holidays may also impact how benefits are paid, the website explains how they may be affected.

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Doctors charging patients up to £120 for sick notes and letters depending on where you live

PATIENTS up and down the country are being slapped with fees of up to £120 when they want a sick note, letter or report from the doctor.

It’s the latest example of a postcode lottery, which sees households penalised depending on where they live.

How much you’ll pay for a sick note varies wildly across the UK

The Sun’s research into 20 randomly picked NHS doctors’ surgeries around England found that households are being charged for everything from a sick note explaining why they’re not at work to travel letters confirming they’re fit for overseas trips.

How much do doctors charge?

Sick notes range in price from £10 at a surgery in Kentish Town in London to four times the price at £40 in a Coventry and Cross Hills in Yorkshire practice.

Travel letters were even more, ranging from £15 in Kentish Town and Wood Green in London to £50 in Coventry and Petersfield.

But these weren’t the only services doctors are charging for, with letters to show your travel insurer when you’re too ill to go make a trip ranging from £15 in Kentish Town to £60 in Deal, Kent.

While a private letter, which can be used to show you can’t participate in a certain task, such as sports at your local gym for example, cost from £15.50 in Reading to £70 in Deal.

Doctors can charge up to £120 for writing notes, reports and providing certificates

And if you’re an older person who still wants to drive and needs a doctor to confirm you’re still fit to do so, then prices rocket even more.

Here, we found doctors charging £60 in Market Drayton in Shropshire, while a practice in South Shields in Tyne and Wear charged double at £120.

We’ve listed these fees in the table above but we also found the same surgeries charging between £11 and £35 for vaccination certificates and between £40 and £90 if you have a medical exemption, which means you can’t wear a seatbelt.

If you need a witness for a driving licence photo this costs between £20 and £40, while a medical examination needed to drive a HGV, LGV or taxi cost between £80 and £130.

Martyn James, a consumer expert at complaints website Resolver said: “The NHS is one of the things that makes our country great.

“But that’s why it’s so shocking that these fees for doctors letters are hitting us with private healthcare prices.

“Play fair and set a flat rate for all, so our postcodes don’t penalise us for vital services like a traditional doctors note.”

Are GPs allowed to charge NHS patients?

This may come as a shock to patients of NHS practices, but trade body the British Medical Association (BMA) explains that NHS GPs can charge NHS patients for work that’s considered to be a non-NHS service.

And GPs can even refuse to do this work.

How can I complain about doctors' fees?

FIRST of all be aware that doctors are allowed to charge fees for certain services – and that includes to NHS patients.

But if you’re unhappy with the fee charged or perhaps you weren’t told in advance that you would be charged then you can complain to the GP practice or hospital involved.

Check with the pratice involved for its complaint procedure and follow this.

You should make your complaint within 12 months of the incident.

If you need help making a complaint your local Healthwatch can help you find free, independent NHS complaints advocacy services in your area.

If you don’t get the response you were hoping for from your surgery then complaints can be taken to your local clinicial commissioning group or to the Health Ombudsman.

See Citizens Advice for more information.

But the problem is that while the BMA recommends the price of some fees, it’s ultimately down to the practice to choose, which can lead to this postcode lottery.

A BMA spokesperson, however, doesn’t believe our research is representative of the country as it only covers 20 of the 6,910 GP practices in England.

They added: “GPs are self-employed and they have to cover their costs in the same way as any small business.

“The NHS covers costs only for NHS work, so GPs have to charge fees to cover their time and cost of non-NHS work.

“Due to competition regulations, it is not possible for GPs to agree to set many types of fees.

“While the BMA provides limited guidance about what they may wish to consider charging for some non-contractual work, practices are not obliged to follow this and are free to set their fees as they see appropriate.”

Doctors fees aren’t the only postcode lottery households face, with funeral providers charging £2,400 MORE for same service just 2.2 miles apart.

While grieving families are being charged up to £680 more for cremating loved-ones based on where they live.

Brits also face a fuel postcode lottery – here are the regions where you’ll fork out more of your salary to fill up your car.

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Bosses at Britain’s biggest firms are still earning 117 times more than the average worker despite pay reduction

BOSSES at Britain’s biggest firms still earn 117 times more than a typical worker — despite a 13 per cent fall.

Chief executives at FTSE 100 firms ­trousered an average £3.46million in 2018, down from £3.97million the year before.

Ben van Beurden of Royal Dutch Shell still received a pay rise from £7.8million to £17.8million
Getty – Contributor

Ben van Beurden of Royal Dutch Shell still received a £10million pay rise from £7.8million to £17.8million[/caption]

The average worker earned £29,574, said the High Pay Centre and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

It would take a FTSE firm chief just three days to earn the same amount.

Of the 100 bosses, 43 saw their salary increase.

The research found 64 per cent of workers agree that CEO pay is too high.


TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This shocking pay gap won’t change without major reform.

“We need new rules to give workers seats on executive pay committees.

“This would help bring some much-needed common sense and fairness to boardroom pay.”

Mark Cutifani of Anglo American trousered over double the amount he was paid the previous year
Getty – Contributor

Mark Cutifani of Anglo American trousered over double the amount he was paid the previous year, from £6.7million to £14.7million[/caption]

Rakesh Kapoor of Reckitt Benckiser received a substantial pay rise from £9million to £15.2million
Getty – Contributor

Rakesh Kapoor of Reckitt Benckiser received a substantial pay rise from £9million to £15.2million[/caption]

Ivan Menezes of Diageo also managed to avoid falling pay, earning £9million compared to the previous years £3.4million
Refer to Caption

Ivan Menezes of Diageo also managed to avoid a pay fall, earning £9million compared to the previous year’s £3.4million[/caption]

Superdrug is giving 10% off to all NHS staff including make up and perfume

HEALTH and beauty retailer Superdrug is giving all NHS staff 10 per cent off their shopping when they buy anything in store.

The discounts will be available from now until December 31 – so you’ll be able to use it through the Christmas period too.

Superdrug is giving NHS staff 10 per cent off until the end of the year

The discount applies to all ranges across the store including perfume, healthcare and make up.

For example, the offer brings down the price of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 50ml down to £51.30 or £1.60 off a NYX Professional Eyeshadow Palette.

To get the discount, all you’ll need to do is show a valid NHS staff ID to the person at the checkout who will apply the money off your bill.

You’ll also need to be signed up to their Health & Beauty loyalty scheme.

What you need to know before signing up to any reward scheme

THERE are thousands of different loyalty schemes and reward cards available – so you need to make sure you know what you're signing up for

  • By signing up for a loyalty card, a retailer will get a lot of information about you and your shopping habits. The data might be shared within its group of companies to target you with offers and advertising.
  • If a firm goes bust, you will lose your points, which have no cash value. Hoarding points also means you risk losing them if a retailer or restaurant shuts your account after a long period of inaction.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefullly some retailers and restaurant will have expiration dates on certain offers (for example you might have limited amount of time to spend your extra points).
  • Don’t choose where to shop or where to eat based on a store’s loyalty scheme. If there is a particular item you want, shop around rather than head straight for the retailer where you have a loyalty card. In a restaurant check some of the special deals or menus – they might be better value than the loyalty scheme.
  • Beware of spending more simply because you have a loyalty card and don’t buy something just for any bonus points you may earn.

If you don’t already have one of the cards you can sign up for free here.

You will need to provide basic information such as your full name, age, address and contact details.

Remember, by signing up to the scheme you are agreeing to share a lot of information with the retailer including your spending habits.

The discount isn’t available online so you’ll have to head into one of Superdrugs 800 branches – you can find your nearest one here.

Iceland often run deals for emergency service staff where they can get 10 per cent off their shopping bill.

Nandos also offers 20 per cent off to customers who work in the emergency services, forces and NHS.

Superdrug’s skincare collection has been dubbed a “game changer” by beauty fans and it costs less than £3.

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Greedy football clubs charge admin fees on season tickets that sell for up to £1,995

CLUBS are charging footie fans as much as £50 in admin fees to buy season tickets that can hit £1,995 on their own.

Premier League giants Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are accused of cashing in on supporters’ loyalty by slapping on the extra charge.

It applies when fans use a club’s loan service to pay for their ticket in instalments.

Arsenal top the list of offenders, charging a £50 fee — plus an additional nine per cent APR interest rate if paying over six months and ten per cent if paid over ten months.

Face value

Their North London rivals Spurs charge a fee of £39.46.

That is the equivalent of a loan charged at 8.66 per cent interest.

Factoring that in, a season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur’s new ground with a face value of £1,052.25 ends up costing £1,091.71.

Spurs currently charge the most for a season ticket in the Premier League, with their top-priced seats costing an incredible £1,995.

Getty – Contributor

Spurs add a fee of £39.46 even thought they have the highest priced ticket in the Premier League[/caption]

Last year, the Champions League runners-up earned more than £141million in TV and prize money, having finished fourth in the Premier League.

Elsewhere in the top six, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have also hit their fans in the pocket.

United charge an “arrangement fee” of £38.50 — equal to an interest rate of 10.9 per cent APR.

That pushes the price of a season ticket at Old Trafford from £703 to £741.50 when paid over ten monthly instalments.

United scooped £139million in TV money last term, after finishing sixth.


Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool charge supporters a “transaction fee” of 5.25 per cent, which works out as £25.96 on a typical season ticket, plus an interest rate of ten per cent on the rest of the loan.

This equates to another £10 in interest charges when paid back over ten months.

So a season ticket at Anfield rises from £685 to £720.96 as a result.

The club pocketed £149million — more than any other club — last time out, having been crowned champions of Europe for a sixth time.

Chelsea ask fans to stump up an admin fee of 3.75 per cent when paying in instalments — approx-imately £22.70 — on top of a basic season ticket starting at £595.


Chelsea fans are also forced to fork out unnecessary admin fees despite having mega-rich Roman Abramovich as owner[/caption]

The West London outfit trousered more than £142million in telly money last season for finishing third in the Premier League.

Season-ticket prices have soared since the advent of the Premier League. The cheapest ticket at Anfield for the 1989-90 season cost £60, while at Man United that figure was £96.

Fast-forward to the 2008-09 season and United were charging £665 for a ticket in the Upper East Stand. In 2010-11, Spurs charged £1,175, far below today’s top price.

Half of the top flight’s clubs — among them Burnley, Newcastle United, Watford, Brighton and Crystal Palace — do not impose charges for spreading the cost of a season ticket.

Supporters last night slammed the ten sides who do add top-up fees.

A spokesman for the Football Supporters’ Association told us: “There won’t be a one-size-fits all payment system that will work for all clubs and fans.

“It’s up to clubs to find out what works best for supporters by ensuring there’s constructive dialogue in place. They owe it to their fans to ensure season tickets are affordable for the majority.”

Martyn James of consumer group told us: “When will greedy football clubs learn you can’t put a price on loyalty? Football is for everyone.

“Fans who need loans could easily be subsidised using the millions clubs earn in TV rights and sponsorship.”

TSB mobile and online banking locked out of accounts for hours

HUNDREDS of TSB customers were locked out of online and mobile banking services for hours this morning but the bank says issues are now fixed.

At the height of the problems, Down Detector showed 709 people experiencing issues, with frustrated customers also taking to social media to say they couldn’t login to accounts.

TSB banking app on mobile
Hundreds of TSB users reported problems logging into their banking services this morning

The majority of people, at 78 per cent, reported problems with internet banking, while 17 per cent said they were experiencing issues with mobile banking.

A further 4 per cent said they were unable to use TSB’s website.

Looking at Down Detctor’s map, it appears the issues were nationwide with some saying they’d experienced issues since 4am this morning.

But as of 7.40am, TSB’s says the issues have been fixed and its service status doesn’t report any problems.

There were 709 reports of problems with TSB on Down Detector this morning
Down Detector
The problems with TSB appeared to be nationwide, according to Down Detector
Down Detector

TSB couldn’t tell us what had gone wrong, but did apologise for any inconvenience.

Earlier, one frustrated customer tweeted: “I’m the same and when I try and login on the internet page it’s telling me my details are wrong when they aren’t.

“I have direct debits coming off that I needed to transfer money over for and it was down at 4am when i first tried to login.”

Another wrote: “@TSB online banking down again I am honestly so sick of your terrible service!!!”

Someone else added: @TSB app and mobile down again. Feeling all the frustrations right now. I wonder if they’ll even bother to reply today?! #TSBFail”

Another unhappy user said: “@TSB APP DOWN, ONLINE BANKING DOWN!!!!!! I cannot transfer for my family’s work lunches I’m sick of this it is only ever TSB.

“Bills to pay today, and food shop, so what do I do! And before you say head to local bank – (mine is closing in September by the way) I am housebound!.”

TSB users took to Twitter to report problems logging in

A TSB spokesperson said: “We are aware of an intermittent issue that affected a small number of customers trying to access their mobile and online banking early this morning.

“We can confirm the problem has now been fixed. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

TSB users last reported problems accessing its website and app back in February.

TSB was forced to issue a grovelling apology to customers after 1.9million customers were left locked out of their online banking in 2018 following a bungled IT upgrade.

Fraudsters then used the IT meltdown to try to scam TSB customers up to 10,600 times.

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Charity worker cried as she realised scammers had stolen £13,000 life savings in investment scam

A CHARITY worker lost her £13,000 life savings to a scam company that was on the city watchdog’s “safe list”.

Mayra Story*, 40, from London thought she was giving her hard-earned cash to a legitimate investment company but was left devastated when it turned out to be a scam.

Mayra story (case study)
Mayra saw the investment company on the regulator’s register so she thought it must be safe
Mayra Story

And while the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has admitted it wrongly included the firm on its list of regulated companies there is no way for Mayra to get back the cash.

“I was devastated when I found out. It was like I lost the floor under my feet, I was crying”, she told The Sun.

“It’s affected me in so many ways. Every saving, every penny I’ve owned. Gone.

“I went through depression, had sleepless nights. My friends were the only thing that kept me going.”

Mayra first decided to invest with the firm last May as she was concerned she wasn’t earning much interest in low-paying cash savings accounts.

She stumbled upon the investment company in an online Google search and thought it looked credible, but she checked on the FCA website to be extra sure.

On finding it was listed as a regulated company on the Financial Services Register, she also called the FCA to confirm this over the phone.

How to protect yourself from an investment scam

TO avoid falling victim to investment scams, you need to remain vigilant when making investment decisions.

  • Reject unsolicited investment offers, whether made online, on social media, or over the phone.
  • Before investing, check the FCA Register to see if the firm or individual you are dealing with is authorised. Also check the FCA Warning List of firms to avoid.
  • If in doubt, steer well clear.
  • Get impartial advice before investing.

Signs that should set the alarm bells ringing include:

  • Unexpected contact – while you may be on your guard for cold callers, you now need to be alert to contact out of the blue from all sorts of online sources, such as email or social media. The same applies to contact you may get through the post, via word of mouth, or even in person at a seminar or exhibition.
  • Time pressure – beware if someone offers you a bonus or discount if you invest before a set date or says the opportunity is only available for a short period.
  • Social proof – keep an eye out for fake reviews and claims that other clients have invested, or want in on the deal.
  • Unrealistic returns – watch out for fraudsters promising tempting returns that sound too good to be true, such as much better interest rates than elsewhere.
  • False authority – don’t get tricked by convincing literature and websites, or investments which claim to be regulated. Also be wary of someone speaking with authority on investment products.
  • Flattery – be on your guard if someone tries to build a friendship with you. They may be trying to lull you into a false sense of security.

It told her the company was registered but as it was based outside of the UK it wouldn’t be covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme or by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

So they recommended Mayra double check with the Austrian authorities, which is where the firm was based.

Mayra called and emailed the Austrian financial authorities but didn’t hear back, so she decided to go ahead.

She initially invested £7,000, and then on seeing that her investment was going up in value she added £6,000 more – her entire life savings.

But then in August, the firm stopped providing updates on her cash. Mayra called and called but no-one answered.

She went back to the FCA website only to find the company had been added to its scams list with a warning saying a fake firm had used the details of a real company to look legitimate.

‘I worked hard to save but it’s been taken away from me’

“I started panicking then,” Mayra said. “It’s all my savings, it’s everything. I worked hard to save so I could invest in my future, but it was taken away from me.”

Mayra has since complained to both her bank – HSBC, and to the FCA, but neither will pay her money back.

Even the Complaints Commissioner, which looked into her case, ruled that the FCA should repay half the money.

It told Mayra: “The FCA register entry for this firm was seriously inaccurate. If it [the company] had been deregistered in 2006, you might not have lost your investment in the way you did.

“This is not the first time I have dealt with a complaint about the Register showing inaccurate or misleading information.

“While I do not consider that the FCA should be held responsible for the totality of your loss, in my preliminary report I recommended that it should make an ex gratia payment to you of 50 per cent of your loss.”

Mayra Story
Mayra says it’s only her friends who have kept her going
Mayra Story

The FCA refused to comment but has admitted that it’s launched a review of its Register – although it couldn’t give a timescale on when it expects this work to conclude.

On Mayra’s case, the FCA would only reiterate what it told the Complaints Commissioner: “In our view, the direct cause of the complainant’s loss was her own actions and it would not therefore be appropriate for the FCA to make a substantial compensatory payment to the complainant.”

‘These big companies play with people’s lives’

The scam has left Mayra feeling worried about the future and having to put her plans on hold. She said: “I feel like I’m the victim here and no-one wants to help.

“I’m a small fish in the pond but these big companies play with people’s lives.

“Imagine if this had happened while I was still saving a deposit for the flat?

“Luckily, I got my flat a year earlier but this cash was meant to cover any emergencies and to refurbish my flat and to pay for driving lessons.

“Now I’m just worried – I’ve still got a mortgage to pay.”

What to do if you think you’ve been scammed

HERE'S what to do if you think you've been stung by a bank transfer scam:

  1. Contact your bank or card provider immediately to notify them of the fraud – urgency is needed so your bank can try and trace the money and prevent any further attempts to steal your cash.
  2. Notify crime reporting agency Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 123 2040. If Action Fraud is able to look into your case, it will provide updates on its investigation. But even simply reporting fraud may help police as part of a wider investigation.
  3.  Monitor your credit report for suspcious transactions or credit requests as fraudsters may try their luck again.
  4. If you’re struggling to cope with being a victim of crime, contact charity Victim Support. You can do this online or by calling 0808 1689 111.

Mayra’s bank, HSBC, says the first payment transferred from her account was flagged to Mayra by its fraud team but she authorised the payment.

A HSBC UK spokesperson said: “We are sorry that Ms. Story has fallen victim to fraudsters, and understand this is a deeply distressing situation.

“We employ a wide range of methods to detect and deter fraud, and are making significant investments to protect our customers from financial crime.

“We also work with the authorities and alongside others in the industry to identify and address the ever-changing techniques used by fraudsters.”

NatWest – one of the banks that received the cash refused to comment, only saying: “Where accounts are suspected as being involved in fraudulent activity, they are promptly investigated.

“Where sufficient evidence is found to confirm this, the account is immediately frozen with remaining funds ring-fenced.

“We are unable to discuss specific details related to this case due to data protection legislation.”

Prepay, which was the other receiving bank didn’t respond to The Sun’s request for comment.

Mayra has since taken her case to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which she’s now waiting for a decision from.

Sadly, Mayra isn’t alone in falling victim to an investment scam. We spoke to dad-of-two Kevin who lost £150,000 in an investment scam.

While a disabled man spent 13 years paying back £50,000 he lost after falling for a “fake” shares investment scam.

Another gentleman from St Ives was conned out of his £66,000 life savings in a Bitcoin scam.

*Named changed to protect identity but pictures are of the case study.  

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From presents to outfits and petrol, how to keep down the cost when pals get married — plus win £50k in the Sun Raffle

IT is not just the bride and groom who can feel the stress of a wedding.

Being a guest can take its toll — and cost a packet, too. A survey by One4All gift cards shows the average person spends around £391 on attending their mates’ nuptials.

Here’s how you can keep down the cost of being a wedding guest
Corbis – Getty

But I think I can trim the cost of your wedding trip . . .

DRESSING UP: Head to the clearance section on to find a Lipsy dress. I like the lace blue number, currently down to £38 from £85. For men, get the navy Marzotto suit for £86, instead of £199.

SAVING: up to £113 on the suit

ROAD TRIP: Most of us will end up driving to the venue — and that can cost big in fuel. Plan your route around the cheapest petrol stations (see and take advantage of Tesco’s 10p off per litre of fuel (until August 25) when you spend £60 or more in store.

If you have to book the train and have missed the best advance fares, check the individual operator websites for discounts or opportunities to collect loyalty points. South Western Railway allows you to collect Nectar points.

SAVING: 10p per litre of fuel

BED DOWN: Save up to 20 per cent on rooms at Jurys Inn hotels until March 21, 2020. You can get a Friday night stay in Aberdeen for £60 per night.

Another idea is to make the most of our Sun Hols From £9.50. Pick a park near the wedding venue and nab yourself a bargain break. There’s another chance to collect from Saturday.

SAVING: 20 per cent off rooms

GIVE A LITTLE: According to wedding specialist, the average price of a present is £50-£75.

But don’t feel the pressure to spend what you can’t afford. A well put-together box or hamper made up of luxury Aldi jams and chocs or Lidl wine can be a lovely gift — and you can do that for around £10. has personalised pint glasses and mugs for around £9.99, but Card Factory wins. Get a pair of Mr and Mrs mugs for £5.99.

SAVING: £4 at Card Factory

Deal of the day

Get Aldi’s hamper for newborns for just £39.99

ALDI’S big baby-and-toddler event starts online TODAY. Get a hamper for newborns – including a blanket, book, bibs, sleepsuits and two soothers in a wicker basket – for just £39.99.

Top swap

This Surf laundry powder for 80 washes is £8 at Tesco
Get Iceland’s Easy Tiger Lily & Lotus version for £6 instead

BUY Iceland’s Easy Tiger Lily & Lotus flower laundry powder, £6 for 100 washes, not Surf, £8 for 80 washes at Tesco.

Reader’s saving tip

LINDA SHEPHERD of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, says: “Add a few drops of dishwasher rinse-aid to water when washing windows and it will leave them sparkling. It’s cheaper than a window cleaner!”

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Cheap treat

A 500ml tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is now £2.75 at Sainsbury’s

TREAT yourself to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The 500ml tubs are now just £2.75, down from £4 at Sainsbury’s.

SAVE: £1.25

Hot right now

SUMMER is not over yet.

Kit out your garden for less with The Range’s furniture sale, up to 80 per cent off.

Shop & save

Save £50 on Morphy Richards’ Supervac Sleek Pro cordless vacuum cleaner

CLEAN up with Morphy Richards’ Supervac Sleek Pro cordless vacuum cleaner. Now just £79 at Previously £129.

SAVE: £50

My Sun Savers fiver

CHINTU SHAH of Rugby, Warks, says: “I cashed out my Sun Savers Fivers and am putting the money towards my son’s new school uniform.”

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Join thousands of readers taking part in the new Sun Savers Raffle
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Lidl recalls quarter pounder with cheese burgers over fears they can make you ill

LIDL has recalled batches of microwavable burgers over fears that they could trigger a serious allergic reaction.

The Speedfeast quarter pounder with cheese is made with sesame, eggs and milk, which isn’t included on the label due to a packaging error.

Speefeast quarter pounder with cheese burgers have been recalled

It means that shoppers who are allergic to the ingredients may eat the burgers without knowing that it can cause them to suffer.

In the UK, around one in 100 people are allergic to sesame, according to NHS stats, and can suffer reactions such as rashes, an itchy throat, hives and vomiting.

In the worst cases, it can cause someone to go into anaphylaxis.

This is an extreme allergic reaction that can cause the throat and mouth to swell, severe asthma and unconsciousness.

Your product recall rights

PRODUCT recalls are an important means of protecting consumers from dangerous goods.

As a general rule, if a recall involves a branded product, the manufacturer would usually have lead responsibility for the recall action.

But it’s often left up to supermarkets to notify customers when products could put them at risk.

If you are concerned about the safety of a product you own, always check the manufacturer’s website to see if a safety notice has been issued.

When it comes to appliances, rather than just food items, the onus is usually on you – the customer – to register the appliance with the manufacturer as if you don’t there is no way of contacting you to tell you about a fault.

If you become aware that an item you own has been recalled or has any safety noticed issued against it, make sure you follow the instructions given to you by the manufacturer.

They should usually provide you with more information and a contact number on its safety notice.

In some cases, the manufacturer might ask you to return the item for a full refund or arrange for the faulty product to be collected.

You should not be charged for any recall work – such as a repair, replacement or collection of the recalled item.

The ingredient is often found in burger buns, which makes it tricky for sufferers to buy baked goods.

One in 20 people in the UK are allergic to eggs, while a cow’s milk is the third most common food product to cause anaphylaxis, according to AllergyUK.

Customers who are known to have an allergy to these types of food are being urged not to eat them

Instead, they should return the mealtime snack to their nearest store in exchange for a full refund. You don’t need to bring the receipt.

Burgers that are affected by the recall have a best before date of August 23 2019.

The packs weigh 195g and cost 99p in Lidl stores in England and Wales.

The burgers also contain mustard and wheat, which are also known to trigger allergies, but they are correctly labelled on the packaging.

In a statement issued on the recall notice, the retailer said: “Other Speedfeast products are not affected by this recall.

“Lidl GB wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“Any customers with queries or concerns can contact customer services on 03704441234.”

Shoppers with an allergy to sesame should be steer clear of batches of Tesco cheese burgers because they haven’t declared the ingredient on the packaging.

Other recalls to look out for include Aldi’s Specially Selected cheesecakes because the glass pots can easily smash.

Iceland has also recalled bags of frozen crispy chicken dippers as they may contain bits of plastic.

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McDonald’s adds SPICY nuggets to its menu TODAY – but only for seven weeks

MCDONALD’S fans can get their hands on the new SPICY chicken nuggets today.

Spicy McNuggets have already been trialled in the US and Asia, while Australian branches of the fried food empire have them on the menu permanently.

McDonald’s is adding spicy nuggets to the menu

Last week, The Sun revealed that the menu option was coming to the UK and that they’re made with a new, specially developed recipe.

The meal-time snacks come with a Tabasco based dip for anyone who wants an extra hot hit.

The new nuggets will be available from 10:30am today (Wednesday August 7), but if you want to try them then you’ll have to be quick as they’re only around for seven weeks.

Prices vary between branches but on average they cost £3.19 for six, £3.49 for nine, £4.99 for 20 – the same as regular nuggets.

A box of six nuggets has 290 calories, meaning they have slightly more chicken pieces than a classic six piece box which has 259 calories.

The new nugs were spotted at Y Not in Derbyshire where 1,000 lucky festival goers got the change to try them, including YouTube star Mark Ferris.

On a post on Instagram he said: “It may be cold @ynotfestival but @mcdonaldsuk are turning up the 🔥 I’ve been given exclusive access to the new Spicy Nugget van! You will NOT be disappointed🤤😍 Launching in the UK soon! Keep your 👀 peeled”.

McDonald’s is also rumoured to be working on launching vegan nuggets, following the success of Greggs’ sausage roll for non meat eaters.

It already sells vegan nugs in Norway, but they have mashed potato, chickpeas and carrots inside.

Last week McDonald’s announced it is extending breakfast hours in 115 restaurants.

It came on the same day that supplies of its new bacon roll had sold out after the menu item was relaunched earlier this month.

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