Soup for cats can cost TEN times as much as human’s with 25 times more meat — and it tastes better

SOUPS for cats can cost ten times as much as versions for humans — but do taste better.

A Sun on Sunday test found one chicken and veg broth for moggies has up to 25 times more meat.

Pick of the bunch… 25 times more meat than human soup
No wonder cats can’t stop eating
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A quarter of Gourmet Crystal Chicken & Vegetable Soup for cats, by Nestle-owned Purina, is meat while soups for humans we tried contained between just one and 11 per cent chicken.

Food expert Martin Isark, founder of the Can I Eat It? app, carried out a taste test along with cats Molly and Milly.

The cat soup costs 90p for a 40g packet — or £22.50 a kilo.

Waitrose’s Chicken & Vegetable Broth, with six per cent chicken, is £2.50 for 600g, or £4.17 a kilo.

Do we get a poor deal compared to cats?
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A question of taste

THE Purina soup contains 25 per cent chicken, 4.6 per cent vegetables, fish and derivatives.
Human verdict: Great quality meat but the fish and chicken taste combo is odd, 7/10.

Cats’ verdict: Purrfect, 10/10.