How cheap is Jack’s, what does it sell and how does Tesco’s discount supermarket compare to Aldi, Lidl and other stores?

THE first branch of Jack’s has opened its doors.

Tesco’s new budget supermarket is hoping to rival chains such as Aldi and Lidl – but how does it compare when it comes to price?

Jack's prices
Jack’s is cheaper because it’s ‘very simple to run’
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How cheap is Jack’s?

According to Tesco’s chief executive Dave Lewis, Jack’s is the “cheapest in town”.

This is due to deals agreed with suppliers and lower operating costs at its stores.

Dave told The Independent: “It’s very simple to run, it allows us to lower prices.”

Previews of the store showed a tin of beans on sale for 29p and a loaf of bread for 45p.

Jack's prices
The supermarket is placing an emphasis on its British products
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What do they sell?

Jack’s is emphasising its British produce, with signs reading “All our cereal is made in England” and “Every drop of fresh milk is British”.

Eight out of 10 products are either grown, reared or made in the UK.

Stores have a smaller amount of products – just 2,600 compared to tens of thousands in normal Tesco branches.

At least 1,800 of these products are Jack’s own branded goods.

The rest are from bigger brands, such as Kingsmill.

Jack’s also has its own version of Aldi specialbuys, with a “WIGIG” aisle. This stands for “when it’s gone, it’s gone”.

It contains non-food items such as Dysons, irons and even Jo Malone lookalikes.

The Sun compared prices at Jack’s to other supermarkets

How does Tesco’s discount supermarket compare to Aldi, Lidl and other stores?

Tesco is trying to take on German budget brands Aldi and Lidl, who have seen their market share more than double to 13.1 per cent in the last five years.

The Sun compared the price of 14 everyday branded and non-branded products at Aldi, Lidl and Tesco.

It found that in 10 cases, Jack’s either had the lowest price or matched the cheapest price.

One British beef sirloin steak cost just £2.49 at Jack’s, compared to £2.65 at Lidl, £3.39 at Aldi, and £3.80 at Tesco.

Another example is eggs, which cost just 60p for six at Jack’s, compared to 75.6p at Aldi (you have to buy a box of 15 eggs), 80p at Lidl and 89p at Tesco.

Jack’s also has a number of joint cheapest prices.

When it comes to teabags, for example, Jack’s and Aldi both charge 85p for 80 bags.

In comparison, Lidl charges £1.09, while Tesco sells 80 own-brand teabags for £1.10.

But Jack’s isn’t always the cheapest supermarket.

On own-branded washing-up liquid, it was the priciest of the four supermarkets; charging 60p for a 450ml bottle.

Tesco charges 50p for the same-sized bottle, while Aldi and Lidl both charge 49p for a larger 500ml bottle.