Here’s our top tips to help your children learn the value of pocket money — plus find out how to book a bargain £9.50 break with The Sun

ARE your kids keen savers and know the value of their pocket money?

It was recently revealed that children received an average of £254 in pocket money last year.

Parents have shared their top tips for teaching kids the true value of money
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But recently I had an email from Jenni Smyth, 32, from Cardiff, who asked: “I want to teach my children the value of money because any pocket money they get, they just spend! Have Savers got any ideas?”

And here’s how you responded to her. . .

ANGIE HODSON, 60, from Cambridgeshire, says: “Tell them they can spend 50p on whatever they want and save 50p. It will soon add up at the end of the year.”

My tip: The half and half method is clever and if they did this weekly for three months, that would be £6 saved.

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EZRA VERNON, 43, from Rugeley, Staffs, says: “Let your kids choose an activity or item that costs a specific amount and encourage them to save until they have enough — plus add in bonus money for any extra jobs they can do.”

My tip: Help them work out how long it will take them to save and mark this on a calendar so they know the timing they have to work to.

SANDIE WRIGHT, 66, from Rotherham, says: “Open a savings account — kids will enjoy putting the money in and you can tell them that they can save up for a toy/game or premium bond.”

My tip: The HSBC MySavings account pays 3 per cent on balances up to £3,000. While that seems a long way off, teaching them about how the interest works could be more of an incentive to save.

PAUL NASH, 43, from Bridgend, in Mid Glamorgan, says: “My daughter is 10, she has £5 a week and if she wants sweets she has to use her pocket money, if she leaves clothes on the floor I take off 10p an item, 20p if she doesn’t make her bed or leave her bedroom light on, and if she plays up I take varied amounts. She wanted a laptop, she managed to save enough to by one in a year.”

My tip: I love this idea and it saves you some time and hassle in the long run. Go one further and get her to download the iAllowance app to track pocket money and write tasks.

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FREDERICK ROBERTS, from Darlington, Co Durham, says:

“Don’t throw out your old pillows and cushions, they make kneeling pads for around the garden.”

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NAOMI STONEHAM, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, says:

“I’m saving my Savers fivers to take my children and grandchildren on holiday next year.”

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