Get your family quality Xmas gifts at bargain prices with these top tips — plus win £15,000 in our raffle

PANIC-BUYING means we each blow our Christmas budgets by an average of £325.

To help avoid this, I’ve asked my favourite expert — Sun Savers’ own mum-of-two Holly Smith, aka couponing queen and vlogger @hollyvlogs — for tips. I then give my verdict on each.

Holly Smith reveals her top tips for buying Christmas presents on the cheap

STOCKING THRILLERS: Stores such as Home Bargains and B&M stock discontinued products from other high street shops. You get up to 80 per cent off, including on Harry Potter products. I recently bought a My Little Pony Stationery set for £2.49 (RRP is £14.99).

Giselle says: “Holly’s right, B&M has great bargains. If you filling a stocking for your partner, take a look at B&M’s new Arome fragrances. They are £4.99, compared to the similar £94 Jo Malone one.”

PRIZE PRESENT-HUNTING: I leave buying kids’ gifts until late because I never know what the playground trend will be. But I love the Love Island make-up bags at Superdrug, reduced to 50p.”

Giselle says: “A brilliant find, these bags. I have to buy lots of gifts this year, so might get four of these then add the Superdrug Zoella Snowella mini perfume set (now £10, down from £16) and pop a perfume in each bag. Four perfect gifts, each costing a total of £3.”

Holly says you should head down to Primark if you’re looking for a bargain

TOYS ARE US: “I love Disney and if you are looking for bargains, try Primark. But if you do not have a Primark store near you, check out who often have Disney products on sale.

Giselle says: “This is a new one on me. Save a fiver on a Disney sweater at Uniqlo for £14.90, reduced from £19.90.”

JUMP TO IT: “I loved searching for the best Christmas jumpers, in my Facebook video for Sun Savers, but you could always make your own. Buy a plain Fruits Of The Loom sweater (£8, then use T-shirt transfer paper to iron on your own printed-out designs.”

Giselle says: “This is genius — and there is no harm adding decorations from your Christmas tree with a needle and thread. Go mad with tinsel and mini baubles.”

Deal of day

Get your gnashers sparkling with this handy kit

BRIGHTEN those pearly whites with the Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kit from Superdrug. Was £39.99, now £29.99.

SAVE: £10

Cheap treat

Share out festive crisps with your guests over Christmas

TUCK into Tyrrells Ham & Cranberry festive crisps from Usually £1.85, now 85p.

SAVE: £1

Top swap

Why spend £32 on these socks…
…when you can buy these for only £4.99

KEEP cosy in Aldi knitted bed socks for £4.99 a cheaper alternative to The White Company’s pair for £32.

SAVE: £27.01

Reader’s saving tip

KELLY SHARPLES from Kidder-minster, Worcs, says: “A great way to clean blinds is to use tumble-dryer sheets – they grab all the dust.”

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Shop & save

Cream sherry is such a great Christmas tipple

ENJOY a festive tipple with Harveys Bristol Cream sherry, 75cl – on offer at selected Waitrose stores, down from £10.35 to £8.69.

SAVE: £1.66

Hot right now

POP to the Slug & Lettuce for their 2-4-1 cocktail deal – and try their new Glitter Candy Fizz which is topped with candy floss.

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