Drinkers buying single-serve bottles of gin, vodka or whisky at the supermarket ripped off by £100 a litre

DRINKERS buying gin, vodka or whisky miniatures are being ripped off to the tune of £100 a litre, research shows.

The single-serve bottles are popular on planes, in hotel mini-bars and increasingly in supermarkets.

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Producers are charging extortionate amounts for alcohol minis[/caption]

Prices are completely out of proportion

But food and drink expert Martin Isark, who probed their prices, warned the 5cl versions are a scam.

He said: “It makes my blood boil when producers rip off drinkers.

“If anything, firms should be making them cheaper to encourage shoppers to experiment.

“My advice is to always look at the price per litre on the shelf.”

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Figures show that we would be paying around £100 for a litre[/caption]

City of London Christopher Wren Gin costs £5 for 5cl in Sainsbury’s, equal to £100 a litre.

In a standard 70cl bottle it costs £30 — or £42.85 a litre.

Marylebone London Gin costs £5 for a 5cl bottle, or the equivalent to £100 a litre.

In normal size bottles it costs £70 a litre.

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Prices for miniatures are out of sync with prices for regular litre bottles[/caption]

Hendrick’s 5cl bottle is £4 at Ocado, or £80 a litre. A 70cl bottle costs £28, equal to £40 a litre.

Ciroc vodka 5cl is £5 or £100 a litre, compared to its 70cl price of £35 or £50 a litre.

Black Cow Vodka 5cl is £5 or £100 a litre, compared to £35 for 70cl or £50 a litre.

Only Glenfiddich adds a small mark-up. Its 12 Year Old Malt Whisky 5cl is £3, equal to £60 a litre.

A 70cl bottle costs £37 or £52.86 a litre.