Co-op is now selling halloumi fries-flavoured CRISPS for £1 a bag

YOU can now buy crisps that taste like halloumi fries at the Co-op – and they only cost £1.

Halloumi fries have been one of the most popular side dishes in recent years but you’ve never been able to buy crisps that taste like them until now.

Co-op is now selling crisps that taste like halloumi fries

The crisps are packed with cheesy halloumi flavour and there’s also a hint of chilli for a spicy kick.

And they look just like real halloumi fries as they’re tube-shaped.

They come in a 100g sharing bag for £1 and will be on sale all summer until the beginning of September.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy them online but you can pick them up now in one of the Co-op’s 4,000 shops.

They’re being launched at the same time as three other new crisp flavours: lamb kofta and halloumi flatbread, spiced coconut and chargrilled pinapple, and aromatic crispy duck and hoisin sauce.

These crisps cost slightly more than the new halloumi fries at £1.70.

Halloumi fries are very popular, with packs of the fried cheese sticks often selling out at Aldi.

But it was Nando’s who started the craze when it began selling the snack as a side last year.

Ursula Artjoki, the Co-op’s crisps, snacks and nuts developer, said: “We’ve seen halloumi fries pop-up on many a restaurant menu over the past year.

“So, we wanted to put our Co-op spin on this trend and give our customers the chance to enjoy the popular flavour conveniently in a crisp offering.

“Co-op Halloumi Fries are a really moreish crowd-pleaser that won’t last long once the bag gets opened.”

If you’re health-conscious, the crisps contain 119 calories per quarter of a bag, which is the recommended portion size.

NHS guidelines say an adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman.

Co-op seems to be the only major supermarket selling halloumi-flavour crisps.

But you can pick up a good old-fashioned bag of Walkers Cheese And Onion Crisps from Tesco for 65p, if you’re not fussed about what type of cheese your crisps taste like.

Earlier this year, we revealed the packets of crisps that have shrunk or shot up in price since last year’s potato shortage.

Crisps aren’t the only treat which has shrunk recently.

We exclusively revealed that Mini Eggs have shrunk in size with the price staying the same.

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