British Gas website and app down leaving customers unable to top up energy meters online or pay bills

BRITISH Gas website is down leaving customers unable to top up their energy meters or pay bills online.

When customers click onto the energy provider’s website they’re greeted with a message that says it is “temporarily unavailable”.

Customers are unable to top up meters online as the website and app are down

Frustrated bill payers have taken to Twitter to try and find out what is going on.

One user wrote: “I’m unable to top up my meters (PAYG) all your sites & app are offline.

“I’m disabled & only have emergency credit which I shouldn’t have to use. Can you please help me?”

Another worried bill payer said: “The emergency credit is running low. I’ve just been paid and would like to top up but your sites/app are down.

“A bit of communication would be appreciated.”

British Gas

Customers are greeted with a message that says the site is “temporarily unavailable”[/caption]



Some customers have complained that they are down to using their emergency credit[/caption]

A new message that appeared on the British Gas website around half an hour after the problems began says that the energy provider is “carrying out important upgrades”.

The note also says that it doesn’t expect services to be back up and running again “until later this morning”.

British Gas is estimated to have around 25million household energy customers.

It’s not clear yet how many of them have been affected by the outage or whether the website upgrade was planned.

A member of the energy provider’s social media team has confirmed that there is an issue with its website.

A new message says that the site is down due to “carrying out important upgrades”
British Gas

In a reply to a worried customer, he wrote: “The website is down right now which is the root of all this – Ethan.”

Households who have a smart meter can add credit to it via the app or online rather than purchasing it from a shop.

It means that bill payers can buy credit to heat their homes without having to leave the house.

One customer on Twitter added that she had a smart meter fitted because she’s unable to “nip out” to buy credit.

Replying to Ethan’s message, she wrote: “Great. Yeah I have two [children] under two in a third floor apartment with no lift, so I can’t just “nip out”.

“That’s why I wanted the app to I can top up on there”.

Households who pay using direct debit can also make payments online via the website.

Late payments may be subject to a penalty charge, although this has not been confirmed.

Online, the energy giant says: “Thanks for your patience. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.”

The Sun has contacted Centrica – the firm that owns British Gas – for comment.