Aldi’s selling a 99p jelly bean roulette for Halloween – and you could get rotten eggs, chilli or onion

ROTTEN eggs, onion and chilli are not flavours you want to find in a bag of jelly beans.

But you could be unlucky enough to eat them if you buy a bag of “jelly bean roulette” from Aldi for 99p, which is new for Halloween.

Aldi has launched a "jelly bean roulette" for 99p a bag
Aldi has launched a “jelly bean roulette” for 99p a bag

The Jelly Bean Trick Or Treat? bags contain a mixture of nice and nasty flavours.

You could either be treated to cola, blueberry, or vanilla, or tricked into eating ginger, pepper or even a bean that tastes of rotten eggs.

They could be a good buy for trick or treaters on Halloween as the kids will think they’ve been given delicious sweets when really they could be eating an onion or chilli-flavoured jelly bean.

They’re similar to Jelly Belly’s Harry Potter-inspired Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, which also have a mixture of delicious and disgusting flavours – but they cost £3.50 a bag at John Lewis compared to 99p for Aldi’s version.

The trick or treat bags of jelly beans are part of a range of Halloween-themed sweets at Aldi, which also includes 99p Lollies and Mallows, and a tub of sweets for £2.99.

It’s not the only Halloween themed bargain around.

Aldi is also selling an inflatable Halloween arch for £40 so you can decorate your home.

Meanwhile Asda is selling adorable ghost-shaped crumpets for £1 a pack.

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