John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 – when will it be released?

IT doesn’t feel like Christmas until the John Lewis Christmas advert has aired – but the question on everyone’s lips is when will it be released?

Last year’s advert, The Boy and the Piano saw the life and career of musical legend Elton John. Here’s what we know about this year…

baby elton john in advert
The 2019 advert was a tribute to the career of Sir Elton John

When will the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 be released?

For many Brits, the John Lewis’ festive advert marks the official countdown to Christmas and fans are already starting to wonder what this year’s will look like.

If past years are anything to go by, we could be getting into the festive spirit very soon.

Sadly, the official release date of the advert has not yet been announced.

sam and monty the penguin
The heartwarming 2014 advert told the story of Sam and his friend penguin friend Monty

We do know, though, that the advert usually drops in the first two weeks of November.

But, the release date of the advert has been getting progressively later each year.

Both the 2014 Monty the Penguin and 2015 Man on the Moon adverts were released on 6 November.

Opinions were mixed on the 2015 Man on the Moon advert

However, the 2016 Buster the Boxer and 2017 Moz the Monster adverts didn’t come out until 10 November.

And, last year’s Elton John advert didn’t drop until 15 November.

If that trend continues, we could be waiting even longer this year before we see John Lewis’ festive offering.

There’s also no news on the advert’s budget, but we do know that the last two years’ adverts both cost around £7 million to make.

What is this year’s song going to be?

Fans have been discussing who is most likely to feature on social media – and some have tipped Lewis Capaldi to record the track.

One user even suggested that Lewis should cover Billie Eilish’s song When The Party’s Over for the advert.

The Scottish singer has had a pretty good year – his single Someone You Love spent seven weeks at number one and has nearly 29 million views on Youtube.

Lewis was recently spotted hanging out with Elton John, who was the star of last year’s advert.

But John Lewis is unlikely to reveal the music to the advert until the day it is broadcast on TV.

What was John Lewis’ Christmas advert last year?

Your Song by Elton John was also used in John Lewis’ 2010 advert, when it was covered by Ellie Goulding

Last year, the John Lewis advert featured the life story of Sir Elton John, from childhood to superstar.

The ad, called The Boy and the Piano, begins with a dressing-gown clad Sir Elton gently tapping out the opening bars to Your Song.

The rest of the advert goes through key moments of his life from stadium tours and travelling on a private jet to playing at his local pub and performing at a school.

At each stage of his life the performance of Your Song is a recording of Sir Elton’s voice from that time.

Then, at the end, we see a four-year-old Elton John getting a piano from his grandmother for Christmas.

The advert closes with Sir Elton in his dressing gown again, playing the final notes of Your Song.

There’s no news yet about what this years advert might look like, but fans are sure to have high expectations.

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Google is raking in millions from scammers who are using its search engine to con savers into investing

GOOGLE is raking in tens of millions of pounds from scammers who are using its search engine to lure savers to invest in high-risk or potentially fraudulent schemes.

The internet giant is taking massive fees for promoting accounts from unscrupulous firms that advertise eye-catching savings rates aimed at those looking for the best cash Isas.

Google is raking in millions of pounds from scammers who are using its search engine to con savers

Google is raking in millions of pounds from scammers who are using its search engine to con savers[/caption]

Many claim to be regulated by the City watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority or have the protection of a financial services compensation scheme but that is not the case.

They also use words such as “secure”, “safe” and “low-risk” to convince savers their money will be protected.

Some use logos of official bodies that do not back them – as well as falsely boasting of links with reputable organisations, reports our sister newspaper

The Times.

Experts who have analysed the websites found during The Times investigation said Google makes many millions of pounds from them.

Google said it would conduct a thorough investigation of the websites it had approved for its ads service.

The FCA said that it would include the sites on its scams register.

It issued warnings over six savings websites reported by the newspaper.

Many victims of London Capital & Finance (LC&F), which was regulated but collapsed in March having taken £236 million from savers through unregulated products – put their money into it after finding prominent adverts on Google.

Baroness Altmann, the former pensions minister, said: “Surely there should be some responsibility on websites such as Google to check whether a company that claims to be authorised really is.

“It is simply not realistic to expect savers to know how to tell if a provider falsely claims it is regulated by the FCA. Customers clearly need better protection and the FCA is right to ask for more powers.”

After the financial crash, saving rates on accounts offered by banks and building societies have plunged from highs of about six per cent to an average of 0.62 per cent for a typical easy-access deal.

As a result, savers are increasingly using the internet to seek out the best rates.

Royal Mint launches new The Snowman coin – and it could be worth double its cost

COIN collectors can get their hands on a 50p coin with a new The Snowman design on the front – and it could be worth double its cost.

Royal Mint is releasing the commemorative coin following the success of a previous iteration depicting the children’s book character.

Snowman coin
A new The Snowman coin is being launched – but it won’t go into circulation
Royal Mint

A commemorative The Snowman 50p coin was first released in November 2018 to celebrate 40 years since Raymond Briggs’ Christmas novel was published.

The coin featured The Snowman flying through the sky above Brighton Pier alongside human pal James, and was available in brilliant uncirculated for £3.99, as a silver proof for £60 and as a gold proof for £775.

This time round, the design sees The Snowman standing firmly on a snow-carpeted lawn with James in front of him and the forest in the background.

There will be three versions for collectors to get their hands on, although they’re much pricier this time; an unlimited number of brilliant uncirculated coins will cost £10 each, 25,000 silver proof coins will set you back £65, and 600 gold-proof coins will be an eye-watering £980.

Royal Mint The Snowman
Royal Mint released its first The Snowman coin back in November 2018
The Royal Mint

As this is a commemorative coin designed in collaboration with publisher Penguin Ventures it will not enter circulation – so you won’t find it cropping up in your spare change.

And it’s worth pointing out that only the silver proof version will be coloured.

Colin Bellamy of the Coin Hunter website reckons the new coin will only be worth its face value until production of it ends or until the higher value coins sell out.

But silver proof versions of the first The Snowman coin have recently sold for almost double their initial cost on eBay at up to £117.

Meanwhile a rare Isle of Man 50p coin featuring The Snowman and James sold for a whopping £299.99 on eBay in September.

These coins are slightly different though, with 10,000 going into circulation on The Isle of Man back in 2003.

The top five rarest 50p coins

THE value of a coin varies depending on how sought after it is by collectors.

Rare coins – those with low mintage numbers – are often the most valuable but that’s not always the case.

We take a look at the top five rarest 50p coins still in circulation by mintage figures:

  • 2009 Kew Gardens (210,000 minted)
  • 2011 Wrestling, Olympic Games (1.1million minted)
  • 2011 Triathlon, Olympic Games (1.1million minted)
  • 2011 Judo, Olympic Games (1.1million minted)
  • 2018 Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny (1.4million of each minted)

Nicola Howell, director of consumer at The Royal Mint said: “Following the fantastic response to The Snowman’s debut appearance on a 50p coin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raymond Briggs’ classic tale in 2018, we are delighted to introduce the second coin in the series capturing James and The Snowman’s friendship.

In addition to the new coin, The Royal Mint is also launching a limited edition “Minty” piggy bank, which will feature a Snowman design.

Just 250 piggy banks have been made but they’ll set you back £95.

We revealed that a rare Samuel Johnson 50p coin has sold for £3,500 on eBay.

While, two new Paddington Bear coins have also finally been released after leaked versions sold for £16,000.

And rare Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter coins have sold for £840.

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Save money on filling your car up with petrol with our cash-saving tips – plus win two FREE Madame Tussauds tickets

THE average driver spends a frightful £56,000 on petrol in their lifetime – so today I’ll show you how to pay a bit less at the pumps.
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Save some money on filling up your car with petrol with our cash-saving tips
Save some money on filling up your car with petrol with our cash-saving tips
PA:Press Association

COMPARE THE COST: Find the cheapest fuel in your area by using a comparison site. In Southampton, an Esso petrol station has unleaded petrol for 125.9p per litre. But reveals that just down the road, Tesco wins at 113.1p a litre. Getting 20 litres at the higher price would cost £25.18, but at the lower price it’s £22.62. With this £2.56 saving every week, you’d save £133.12 per year.

COMBINE YOUR ERRANDS: Did you know that when you drive after being parked for a few hours, your car engine is cold and uses more fuel for around the first five miles? If you can, combine your daily tasks into one big trip to help save fuel.

MAINTENANCE IS KEY: Motoring experts from lease­ emphasise that regular maintenance of a vehicle gives you the best chance of having all the systems working as efficiently as possible. They added: “Checking tyre pressures regularly can improve efficiency. Under-inflated tyres can cause you to use up to two per cent more fuel.”

CLEAR OUT THE BOOT: The heavier your car, the more fuel it needs to move the weight. Many of us are guilty of carting around all kinds of unnecessary baggage in the boot, and it could be seriously ramping up the cost of driving. Heavy items such as prams and sports equipment are the worst culprits as it’s often less bother to leave them in there, but you may want to re-think this in terms of long-term costs.

SLOW DOWN: Shaving time off your journey by going faster may cost you money. According to the AA, if you drive at 70mph, you’ll use up to nine per cent more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15 per cent more than at 50mph. Taking it up to 80mph can use up to 25 per cent more fuel than at 70mph. For example, on a 200-mile trip, you may arrive around 20 minutes earlier by travelling at 80mph instead of 70mph, but according to experts, that time-saving could actually add up to £7 extra spent on fuel.

  • PRICES correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers subject to availability.

Deal of the day

Royal Caribbean ship Anthem Of The Seas is running open days while docked in Southampton

ROYAL Caribbean ship Anthem Of The Seas is running open days while docked in Southampton next May so you can look round.

If you can prove you are scared of flying – a medical note or a 50-word story about your worst experience – you even get a free lunch.

Cheap treat

Options Belgian Choc Salted Caramel hot chocolate is just £2 at Asda – perfect for the cold evenings

INDULGE yourself with Options Belgian Choc Salted Caramel hot chocolate, £2 at Asda, down from £3.99. It’s delicious.

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Wilko’s Essence Lash Princess false-lash-effect mascara is just £3.30
You could save £24.70 by opting for the Wilko’s mascara instead of Chanel’s which is £28

I LOVE voluminous lashes, so was amazed when I saw Wilko’s Essence Lash Princess false-lash-effect mascara is just £3.30. That’s a steal compared with Chanel’s for £28.

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Shop & save

Selected tubs of chocolate are two for £7 at Tesco

STOCK up on chocs for the festive season. Head to Tesco for two for £7 on selected tubs such as Quality Street and Celebrations.

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Reader’s saving tip

CLIVE WHITBY, from Basingstoke, Hants, says: “In supermarkets, look in the World Food aisle because some products, such as tinned tomatoes, chickpeas and coconut milk, are often cheaper.”

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My Sun Savers fiver

COLIN BALLANTYNE, from Monmouth, Gwent, says: “My partner is my full-time carer so I’ll spend my £5 on flowers for her, to tell her she is loved very much.”

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Then grab your seats in the mesmerising 4D cinema, housed in the iconic planetarium dome, where The Avengers will enlist your help to save the day from the evil Doctor Doom in a film specially created for Madame Tussauds London.

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An exciting new career in engineering could be within your reach thanks to Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

WANT to engineer yourself a bright future? Check out Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, which starts on Monday and aims to show what a good career engineering can be and the impact it has on the world’s wellbeing.

It is one of the UK’s biggest employment sectors, responsible for generating a quarter of our GDP. But despite its importance, it is in the grip of a skills shortage — with 186,000 recruits needed each year until 2024 to make up the shortfall.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will focus on helping more women and ethnic minority students get into engineering
SWNS:South West News Service

Now in its seventh year, 2019’s Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will focus on helping more women and ethnic minority students enter the sector. Fewer than 13 per cent of engineers are women, despite half of girls aged 11 to 14 saying they would consider a career in the sector.

Under eight per cent are from BAME backgrounds, compared to 12 per cent of the working population. The highlight of the week is The Royal Academy of Engineering’s This Is Engineering Day.

It takes place next Wednesday, when engineers, students, universities and colleges will share diverse images of the industry via social media accounts @ThisIsEng on Twitter and ThisIsEngineering on Instagram.

Engineering is one of the best-paid employment sectors, with average salaries around £47,000. Apprentice salaries are from £14,000 to £25,000 and top jobs pay six-figure salaries.

To find out more, go to

Ear, ear for Lucy

FORMER violin teacher Lucy Richardson is the acoustics engineering team lead at appliance firm Dyson.

The 30-year-old, who worked on the development of the new ultra-quiet Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, joined the firm as a graduate after studying acoustical engineering at the University of Southampton.

Lucy, from Malmesbury, Wilts, says: “I love seeing the products I have worked on in the shops – and in my friends’ houses.

“It is a great feeling when a mate tells you how much they love using their new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, and how it no longer wakes up their housemates in the morning when they dry their hair.

“To be a good engineer, you need to be curious. Ask questions, pull things apart to find out how they work, then think about how you could make them even better.

“If you are a woman, don’t think of yourself as a female engineer but be confident in your abilities and proud of the different perspective you can bring to product design.”

Purpose trumps profits

COMPANIES can no longer simply sell a product to make money – they are also expected to think about their purpose as well as their profit. Here business expert Gavin Russell, author of Transformation Timebomb, reveals how to find an employer who really puts purpose before profit . . .

  • TALK to employees past and present. Many companies say they are purpose-driven but their staff can tell you if they practise what they preach. Sites such as LinkedIn can help you connect.
  • CHECK independent peer- review sites, such as Glassdoor and TheJobCrowd. They also measure factors such as culture, values and environmental awareness.
  • RESEARCH the ownership. Many companies are controlled or heavily influenced by third parties that may not have the same views as the potential employer.
  • IS the company B Corps- certified? This legally requires companies to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and environment.
  • IF you get to interview, ask for an example of how the firm’s purpose has influenced its approach to profitability.

40-day job hunt

HOPING to find a new job in the new year?

Then you better get a move on right now.

The average job application process takes 40 days from submitting a CV to being offered a role, according to specialist recruitment firm Michael Page.

Add in notice periods and Christmas holidays and it means you will need to apply by the middle of this month if you want to be taking up a new role in January next year.

Nick Kirk, UK managing director at Michael Page, says: “The average process takes over a month.

“Those who start seeking a new role in January may find themselves actually moving in March.”

Land at Gatwick

GET on board with a job at Gatwick as the airport hosts its annual careers fair.

There are loads of jobs on offer at Gatwick Airport
Getty – Contributor

There will be more than 1,000 jobs on offer from 40 airport-based employers, including Sussex Police, Border Force, Govia Thameslink Rail, The Body Shop, KFC, Pret a Manger, Hamleys and Wetherspoon.

The event takes place on Thursday at the Arora Hotel, Crawley, West Sussex, from 10am to 5pm.

Lisa Clegg, from human resources at Gatwick, says: “It’s a great chance to speak to employers and to walk away with an exciting new job. Gatwick’s HR department will also be on hand to provide hints and tips on making your CV stand out.”

For more details, see